2001년 4월 12일 - 5월 4일

Gallery Korea

오프닝 리셉션 : 4월 12일

Byung Wang Cho
Shinhyuk Yim
Ted Victoria

Gallery Korea is pleased to announce the opening of LIGHT, an exhibition of sculptures, objects and installation that incorporate various effects of artificial light. The artists explore the way light influences the perception of space and changes the character of objects. Ted Victoria has developed a mechanism that, like the camera obscura, uses a lens to project an image of an object. Several of these are combined in boxes and illuminated to create the illusion of a slow moving photograph. A New York resident, Victoria has exhibited widely in North America and Europe. 

Byung Wang Cho and Shinyuk Yim are recent arrivals in New York. Cho builds large installations in which a red fluorescent line contrasts with a black background. Under a black light this creates a pictorial field that flattens the spatial properties of the installation. Shinyuk Yim engages light as a source of meditative tranquility. In the work "Light Gathers in My Closed Eyes", a bed is customized to contain hundreds of light bulbs. 

California-based Byoung creates complex spaces using ultraviolet-sensitive paint and ultraviolet light inside wooden structures. The relation between interior and exterior space is made ambiguous and heightens the viewers' awareness of their own perceptual processes.

Miro Yoon