May 19 ~ June 16, 2010

Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 19, 6~ 8pm

Gallery Korea presents the first show from Call For Artists 2010 with TRANSFORUM, a group of seven emerging architects formed in 2007.TRANSFORUM is an active agent that seeks to publish research and design in the rapidly moving architectural waves in and between Seoul and New York. The theme of the show is "REAL in TRANSFORUM". Jinpyo EUN, Jinwoo HEO, Ji Young KIM, Kyung Jae KIM, Sieun LEE, YeaHwa KIM and Yong Ju LEE transform the definitions of REAL in the architectural field. 

"World is perceived differently by each and every person. The world, as seen through the eyes of an architect, can be interpreted into an architectural language which in turn becomes the foundation for building a structure. We believe that architecture is not only a finished building, but the  consequence of all the reflections and dilemma occurred during every step in the process from initial idea throughout the completion of a single building. Architecture is not a consequence of a linear process.  It is an interconnecting network of individual steps, each with its own significance and completeness, that mutually affects one another."

(Jinpyo Eun)
The REAL is to change the Non-existent entity into the Existent entity by topological transformation and computational transfiguration. The Non-existent entitiy is an idea, a phenomenon, an inspiration or those relationships to each other. The Existent entity is the form; the expression of Non-existent entity. 

(Jinwoo Heo)
Architecture evolves responding to the changing world and is transformed by other fields. The experiments for the possibility followed by the evolution and transformation is ‘the REAL’

(Ji Young Kim)
REAL is an attempt to expand the way we imagine space: The development of digital design methods in architecture have produced concrete bases and freedom for realization of complex geometries. Also, it changed the way we imagine space. The significance beyond new geometries’ aesthetic and originality of compositional logics, it reflects the relationship between form and human perceptions.

(Kyung  Jae Kim)
In every moment, you are mapping reality in order to perceive the world. The process of mapping is  the process of translating phenomena, tracing diagrams of reality and relocating our knowledge accordingly. A map generates another reality, which is filtered and rewritten by the process. Here, nothing can be pure or objective. Architecture is a reaction to this reality. 

(Sieun Lee)
The evolving digital technology expanded the observers' way of perceiving and living the world. 
Architecture is a mere platform that enables to visualize, explore, foresight and feel the utopian dream through virtual reality. “Real” can be a computer generated world that has advanced the realization of these anticipated dreams.

(YeaHwa Kim)
Through the natural phenomena, people organize fragments of memory, emotion, and perception. By adding the systemic performance of architecture to existing socio-cultural infrastructure, an architect transforms the form of individual experiences into the new type of sustainable real environments for public. This exchange and transformation of imagination, conception, creation, and production is the process of REAL.

(YoungJu Lee) 
The efficiency and accuracy of three-dimensional digital design coupled with the integration of new softwares with custom manufacturing systems has made the testing of new building techniques faster and more economical. This new fabrication methodology have promised the viability of the full scale realization of new building forms and structures previously thought to be expensive and inefficient.

Miro Yoon